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Pashamobile allows for uploading a list of your contacts in an Excel or CSV file. With the app, you can create a contact list with phone numbers and emails; you can group these contacts to specific persons in groups. To these contacts, you would wish to send all a uniform message like an internal memo, the application eases this task, allowing sending the message by the click of the ‘SEND’ button. You would also want to send each of these contacts a non-uniform (variant) message. To do so, there is the ‘VARIANT SMS’ section that allows for this. The message that reaches the contact may have your organization’s sender id or, by default, have the ‘PASHAMOBILE’ SENDER ID. Once you have used up the SMS count purchased, the application provides an easy way to recharge, through MPesa. You can also monitor your account SMS usage and balance. Pashamobile allows one to send bulk emails. One can compose an email, and also attach files from your computer.