Variant SMS

We shall use the Pashamobile to demonstrate the thoughtful variant SMS concept. Pashamobile is Impala Africa’s SMSing platform application. This is what we mean by variant sms. However, the idea is best explained through a step-through visualization as we shall illustrate.


variant sms
Variant text as in Pashamobile

First click on the ‘Upload File’ button. Only Excel files(.xls,.xlsx) or CSV flies(*.csv) are allowed.
Choose the Excel/CSV file

Select the sheet number that you want loaded on the datagridview below ‘SENDER ID’ group box.
Choose the sheet number

On the Datagridview, you can add/remove the contacts you want to send SMS(es) to. On the ‘contact field’ ComboBox, select which column in the excel file will be the contact number(s) to be sent the SMS. With each action, you will guided in real time on the number of recipients and the message cost.
Datagridview showing data in Excel or CSV file

To write a Message, you write the preceding text, then choose a field from the excel /csv file. You will note that you want to send different people a personalized message but maintain the same structure for all the persons you want to send the message.
Append Message

As you append a message, you can view the message structure with an opt-to-delete appended text. View example below.
Display message as you append

Once you are satisfied with the look of your message, you can click ‘Send SMS’
Send SMS

This is the overall outlook of Pashamobile’s variant text.
Variant SMS example


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