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MicroFin is from Impala Africa’s large family of products that is targeted for Sacco’s and microfinance organizations. With MicroFin, saccos and microfinance organizations are able to perform all their operations on a single platform. Client management is much easier, products definition more versatile, savings and loan payment transactions seamless while at the same time ensuring simple and user friendly interface. The mode of operation is embedded in the system to ensure a fulfilling experience for our clients. Mobile money integration and communication modules form an integral pillar in Impala Africa’s systems, ensuring that our clients remain competitive in this age of rapid digital inventions and transformation. MicroFin is rich in features ensuring that you get the best out of our software suite. Whats more, we don’t lock out your views, in cases where your operations are not fully incorporated in the system, our team of engineers will sit with you, craft and design and extend the system to your fit ensuring that you fully benefit from the system.