The Idea of Understanding – perception of the intended meaning of words shows the grasping and mastery of an individual. Comprehension is an important trait in human interaction. Actual application of an idea or method can be so much easier if discernment of the concept is well interpreted. If you are able to explain to anyone in your mother tongue of a concept and they get what you are describing to them, then that really tells a lot about your understanding of the subject matter.


What unfolded in this room in the next five minutes would be spread all over Washington by week’s end. It would be whispered about around the coffeepots and water coolers, and it would grow and become more sensational with each retelling, and in the end people would be reminded that national security was something to be taken very seriously. EXECUTIVE POWER – VINCE FLYNN (NOVEL EXCERPT)


What are Knowledge Based Systems?
In today’s world, artificial Intelligence is so prevalent that the scare of actual robots taking over the world doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea. Knowledge Based Systems aid in human learning and decision making to solve real world problems by generating knowledge from different sources and thus acts like a search engine for any query you may have, that is, the knowledge base acts as a knowledge repository.
What sets KBS apart from traditional computer-based information systems is its capability of creating new knowledge in an intelligent manner by referring to stored data. It handles a large amount of unstructured data thus can provide efficient documentation for problem solving where human expertise is needed but is unavailable. These systems, therefore, can store important information for future usage. Interaction with AIs in this 21st Century has become such a normal thing that talking to robots or tweeting them seems so casual. Take a look at Sophia (@RealSophiaRobot) http://twitter.com/RealSophiaRobot?s=09/



KBS have limitations of cognitive techniques to manipulate the large volumes of data with the abstract nature of the concerned knowledge. However, as seen in films like iRobot, Transformers; Terminator that simulates a future of robots and machines gone rogue, the actual 21st Century fear; that gives one the chills is the levels of intelligence exhibited by AIs showing that bots may take over the world very soon at the pace of advancement we are going. Human beings are too much. And finally, Samantha.