A proper search engine optimization generates high web traffic to your website thus boosting your brand, promoting your products and services offered. This is a key ingredient to the success of your business since it is a form of 21st Century marketing that brings credibility to your business and gets your enterprise a lot of visibility.

It is very important to post high quality content on your website to drive traffic on your webpages. If you decide the website is about a particular topic, as much as it could be about other stuff, let the primary topic be clear and precise. This is critical in optimization because keywords can be generated easily if the website is about one specific topic. In order to win the rat race to rank highest on search engine result pages (SERPs), mention keywords in page content, page titles, blog categories, domain name and taglines.


Permalinks identify web pages. It is essential that you do not have an ugly permalink, that is structures that use numbers to identify pages. SEO works best when you use a URL structure that includes text and this text is rich in keywords. So if your page’s URL looks like this: it will be more appealing and easy on the tongue when telling a friend, than

It is 20freaking17 when mobile phone prominence is at its peak. It is so, that the number of people on their phones is larger than the number of people going to see Lake Turkana’s shrinking water levels. These people are not busying themselves scrolling Pashamobile text messages, but rather they are online on their social media accounts chatting on Facebook, retweeting Donald Trump on Twitter or promoting their businesses on LinkedIn networks. It is significant that your website targets these people, by being mobile friendly, as much as publishing blog posts on these social media. Marketers have to realise that Facebook posts and tweets rank higher on the SERPs.

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