No matter how much they love you, as a person or a brand, you are still obliged to offer quality services or products to stay in business. You will be successful if you decide you’re going to be. Get out of your own way and quit with the excuses.


What is your motivation? The work! Or is it the money? Is the motive you are having leading you to what you want to be remembered for? Your legacy. In business, you have to consider the considerable changes happening on a day to day basis. Changes in government policies; a change in taste and preference from your clients; product differentiation from your competitors. This brings to question the set systems that run in your organization; do they rely on you too much that if you left for whatever reason, it all comes to crumble like dominoes.


A legacy of respect and great awe should be inspiration enough to wake you up early in the morning; to do what you do best. Realize your dreams. Achieve your targets. That is what your kids will remember you for. Yes, the targets you achieved; and also those you left for them to achieve in your stead.


It’s not because we can’t do the big thing; it’s just because we are afraid of the results.

~ Melanie Spring.


Do not be afraid of success. Let those clients flock in your IT firm now as much as they will even when you are gone to Seychelles to bask in the sun. Do not be afraid of changing times. Embrace the impact of social networking in your business because it isn’t cool any more to send people letters. Work hard. Dream big. Make an impact.


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