Developing a simple website

In 2017, technology as compared to 2007 is so advanced that it will be actually immoral to reinvent the wheel when creating a website. Web development is so easy these days that one doesn’t need to learn code to make your own website. You will only hire a web developer when you need complex functionality done for your website; or you simply don’t have the time to develop it.

We will not delve too much on what a content management system is; however, we will use WordPress as the guiding CMS in building a website and managing content. We will also not dwell too much about getting a domain name and a webhost for your website, that is also based on preference. In short, there’re many webhosts out there you could decide who to choose as the best for you.


The awesomeness of CMSes is the fact that they are one-click installation kinda applications. There are no complex hurdles to jump over, in order to setup. There is a manual guide easily accessible on WordPress for those that are relatively new, so no worries.


Themes are basically design templates for your website. They structure the look and feel of your website. There are a lot of WordPress themes in the webosphere. So much you will actually get a migraine trying to choose which one best suits you. You could also develop your theme from scratch using CSS, PHP, HTML… if you feel the themes out there aren’t good enough for you.


It would be evil not to talk about the extensions that harness Worpress functionality power and adds to features on your site; plug-ins. Written in PHP, mostly, plugins integrate seamlessly with WordPress and make work easy for anyone who doesn’t want to write a line of code for their website.

Oh earthlings! Given to you issa bit of information; what you do with it is up to you. Until next time; hope not 4 weeks from now. Adios amigos.

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