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Pashamobile allows for uploading a list of your contacts in an Excel or CSV file. With the app, you can create a contact list with phone numbers and emails; you can group these contacts to specific persons in groups. To these contacts, you would wish to send all a uniform message like an internal memo, the application eases this task, allowing sending the message by the click of the ‘SEND’ button. You would also want to send each of these contacts a non-uniform (variant) message. To do so, there is the ‘VARIANT SMS’ section that allows for this. The message that reaches the contact may have your organization’s sender id or, by default, have the ‘PASHAMOBILE’ SENDER ID. Once you have used up the SMS count purchased, the application provides an easy way to recharge, through MPesa. You can also monitor your account SMS usage and balance. Pashamobile allows one to send bulk emails. One can compose an email, and also attach files from your computer.

School Master

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The School Master application is modularized to several parts.
First module is the student registration module where students’ bio data is collected, passport photos included. A student’s medical information is recorded and also his/her guardian information is captured in the system. If the student has previous academic information, the School Master provides a platform to record this data. The system’s versatility enables the disciplinary record of a student to be captured too. The application, finally prints out a comprehensive student register based on multiple filters, for example get a report of all students in a particular class or stream.

The second module is the financial aspects of the school. The application creates and manages all student invoices. It maintains bank accounts, allows for fee collection, process fee balances and produce fee statements for the students. It also manages students’ pocket money, caution money and facilitates for sending fee invoices and balances, through SMS, to parents/guardians.

Examinations is the third module. School Master records student examination marks. It also creates grading sets for various examinations, for example mocks. It produces a report form, ranked sheets, and class subject mean scores. Previous examination records can be retrieved and parents/guardians can receive examination results send to them through SMS.

Maintenance of books in the academic institution can be managed through our fourth module, the library module. In this module, calculation of fines for overdue books and accessories by students is done and synced to finance when a student is clearing out.

About Us

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Impala-Africa Technologies is an African computer company, based at Nyeri, Kenya, aimed at developing desktop applications for academic institutions, micro-finance organisations and individuals.

In this era of increasing digital complexity,  we will weave your business rules into simple and robust digital solutions for your organisation easing your business and powering it to the next level. With our experience, knowledge of the software development process and highly skilled team we will actualize your dreams and drive you to your vision.

Why Impala-Africa?

Our applications are bespoke. This means that we develop to client’s needs by customising the software to meet current technological trends whereas maintaining the customer’s taste and preference.

CONTACT US: info@impalaafrica.com